The ocean that Cupid resides 

You provided warmth,

The heat of the war that rose inside me transformed

My inner thoughts.
You were never mine ,

Even though our stars align.
With every tick of the clock my life slips away Continue reading “The ocean that Cupid resides “

A Nameless Love

Inspired by the animated movie: Your name.

If only I was brave enough to whisper it to the air.
To let the vibrations of the atoms send joyful signals to his ears.
But that would only awaken my fears.

I’m a coward.
I’m scared of exposing my feelings for him.
I’m afraid of looking him in the eye
And telling a lie,
A lie that I know that he wants to hear,
<<I don’t love you>>
Those words, not my own
Those words that I know that he secretly holds in his heart
And believes to be what’s in mine. Continue reading “A Nameless Love”

My love for Language

<<J’adore les langues>> is an expression that could be translated as “I love languages” or “I love tongues”. Both translations to an eye that is used to the English tongue might find the two statements to be completely different expressions but they do mean the same thing.

Language is certainly a beautiful thing. A complex system for which one comes to understand the world and to contemplate its existence. Has this ever happened to you: you are sitting in a rocking chair, in your winter gown, by a fire place and a thought comes to your mind. Where does language come from? It has happened to me -minus the winter gown and rocking chair- I sometimes find myself pondering about the phenomena that is the human language. Whether you believe that human languages like any other language ,e.g from non-human creatures, are just mediums for which we use to communicate with each other and thus, only have a social purpose. Or you believe that language is more of an expressive platform that helps us to build our mental faculty so is thus innate.

Any standpoint one takes to define language still does not fully explain the origins of the human language which is forever evolving – the English language has changed so much in the past 100 years. The various human languages can be used to create poetic and meaningful phrases – the mind boggling grammatical systems of the world is yet another example of the beautiful complexity of the human language.

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I’ve tried my best.
I’ve done everything that I can for you
but you still don’t see me.
Why is that,

I’m I not good enough
An alien for you to gawk at
A prisoner of your deadly stare

Is it okay for me to be locked up in your venomous smile?
Release me from the hole that is unrequited love
So you can make it clear to me.

Don’t avoid me.

Don’t avoid this…
Unravel my dreams

Orange (movie) review

Orange ,which is based off a manga series by  Ichigo Takano, is an eye- catching and poignant story of high school students who are given a chance to radically change their future. I have been itching to watch the film ever since it was announced that Kento Yamazaki would play the lead. Yamazaki definitely did not disappoint – he depicted young Kakeru Naruse beautifully along side the other cast.

The plot almost follows the same underline meaning as Ao Haru ride which also depicts a teenage boy who is battered with scars from his past and needs support and care from his friends. However, this is where the similarities of the two mangas stop as they both carry different weights and emotional ties that should be experienced. Continue reading “Orange (movie) review”

My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

It all started a few years ago, maybe not so long ago, when I first set my eyes on the Belgian superstar. I was quietly sitting in my French class , not expecting to be attacked by greatness, when someone decided to blast the classroom with the sounds of “Papaoutai”.

Me being me, I laughed terribly at it ,jesting at the plotline of the music video that I didn’t care to understand.

However, one day in the safety of my home – I did it. My first ever stalking session where I listened and watched every STROMAE song I could find on old trusty YouTube. I began to gain a deeper understanding on why he was so popular within the European world. Continue reading “My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae”

I Just Wanna Hug You Review

Happy New Year mes amis!

Long time no blog! Haha – I’m sorry about my attempt at being funny . Well it wasn’t that bad ,was it? Anyway It’s a new year which means a new phase of dedication to you wonderful people who actually spend time reading my/our content. *Yay*

This blog post is long overdue -very ,very overdue may I add. I just Wanna Hug you or Dakishimetai – Shinjitsu No Monogatari is a Japanese film that came out on the 1st of  February  2014 which was 2 years ago (gasp!) . Since the day that I saw I just Wanna Hug you it seems as if I just can’t forget it . It’s one of those films that stay in your heart forever. I am not really one to cry over a film as I usually don’t get attached to characters that I have only seen for 107 minutes or for however long the film is. Despite this , I just Wanna Hug you fully attacked my heart to the point that I was bent over my laptop screaming to the heavens “Why!” . The fact that the story is in fact true did not help my broken heart and my damp face .

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Inspiration log: The favourite colour

Salut mes amis !

My favourite colour is yellow . Here are some yellow things:

“This colour relates to acquired knowledge. It is the colour which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception.

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the colour psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.

In the meaning of colours, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness.” – empower yourself

What is in a favourite colour? Why do we ave one or why don’t we have one? There have been many studies on the topic of having a favourite colour and what it truly means. Some people say that our favourite colour shows us our personality : Who we are ? or What we want from life . Colour is more than an association with an event, it is a selection of how the world works and speaks to us. Your favourite colour could be purple, blue, pink ,beige, indigo . What matters is that we all join in and add a little colour vibrance into this world of ours. That could be through poetry , art, music .Heck! Accountancy , human rights. Spreading the vibrance in our world as never been easier . I challenge you to spread a little bit of your vibrance in April (and beyond) .

I want you to get creative and pick a colour of your choice, ‘The colour’ and speak about something close to your heart. Anything really. It could be about skittles, dogs, the election. I just want it to be from the heart that will inspire many .

“Are you searching for a purpose?

Then write something yeah it might be worthless

Then paint something then, it might be wordless

Pointless curses, nonsense verses

You’ll see purpose start to surface.” – Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots

Above is a quote from one of my favourite songs ever and I love it because it always reminds me to be me and whatever I create; either be words, art, music ,love can never be worthless.

My favourite colour is yellow and I am going to share a bit of vibrance with the world.


How to join in ?!

Take a picture with your favourite colour as the subject .

Answer the following questions

1. What is your favourite colour?

2.What is something that you would like to share with the world?

3. Favourite Song at the moment

4. What do  you aspire to be / to do ?

5. Name three of your favourite things

Then use the #colourexpériment and upload via twitter, Instagram, a blog post .Anything really !

For example :

I can’t wait to see your responses ! 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S What is your favourite colour ?