Issa SS16 recap

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I have done various Issa collection recaps over the years as I absolutely adore the brand . This year Issa simply did not disappoint . Down bellow are some of my favourite pieces(and some creative extras) from the show! Enjoy :

Information about Issa

“First shown at London Fashion Week in 2006, Issa quickly became world-renowned for its vibrant femininity and has since been worn by some of the world’s most high-profile women. In 2013, the brand began a process of evolution, signalling the start of an exciting new chapter for Issa.” – London Fashion Week Continue reading “Issa SS16 recap”

LFW day 1: Bora Aksu SS16

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I can’t believe that London Fashion Week is here already ! It’s been a fabulous few days so far and not so surprisingly rainy . On Friday 18th , I decided to go and check out Golden Square where LFW is hosting a public screening of all the shows and pop-ups . To be honest , it was smaller than I thought and the rain did nothing to encourage me to stay . However , I did stay to watch one of my favourite designers : Bora Aksu  and boy did he deliver .Lace upon Lace , vibrant masked with muted grace . Ahh ,I have fallen in love again with Bora Aksu ! Continue reading “LFW day 1: Bora Aksu SS16”

King Alexander The Great

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.Alexander Mcqueen. Founder of the astonishing self named label , yes you’ve guessed it ; Alexander Mcqueen. I have always been a fan of his work and the ongoing work of the label. Artistic , just damn artistic. This post is not going to be a long dedication to Mcqueen but to his and his teams artistic vision.

Let us start with SS09 named ‘Natural Distinction un-natural selection’ said to have been inspired by “Charles Darwin and ‘the origin of the species’ by evolution both in a conceptual and technical sense ” . This is very evident in the collection as animal and plant print are clearly shown. The natural fabric used creates interesting  textures that I believe worked perfectly with the theme of the collection .

Take a look :

Next we have SS10 name ‘Plato’s Atlantis ‘ which carries the same kind of theme that SS09 had but with a more futuristic twist to it . I absolutely love this collection and this may be why I own a set of photos from the catwalk show .

For you to understand the intensity of the collection I enclose a quote from the website :

When the waters rise, humanity will go back to the place from whence it came.”

Ahh, I absolutely love the collection and I hope that you do too.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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PS. What designer always makes you smile ?

Christopher Esber SS15

Salut mes amis  !

I was scrolling through my Instagram yesterday and after a mass number of minutes of scrolling and tabs after tabs I came across Christopher Esber’s page . When I say that I was mesmerised , I truly was ! Photo after photo I was astonished at how much emotion I could feel from just seeing some items from the clothing brand . And so forth I researched more about the company and I  have grown to love them already ! This Australian brand has  really got me supporting their minimal sports accent in their collection .

“I design for a woman who loves fashion but she is not willing to surrender herself to it,” says Esber. “Coming from Australia there is a sense of ease and the undone about what I do. Even if something is more conceptual, there is always a feel of release to it.”

*Sigh* What a quote , right ? Anyway , here is a sample of Christopher Esber’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection:

I hope that you love the brand as much as I do 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Are there any other brands that I should know of ?

Alexandra Moura Spring 2015

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It has been a long time since I have written a blog post , actually it has only been a week . Today is going to be a showcase of a brand that I discovered  just last week and I was absolutely in awe of each and every collection.  I feel as if I am late to  this movement of adoring Alexandra Moura but as they they say ” It is never too late “. Now my dreams consist of visiting their store in Portugal in the summer however I seem to be a country off as I will be heading to Spain, Madrid to be precise .  This is a snippet of the muse that inspired the collection


“And suddenly life turns inside out…and I find that the wrong side is the right side”

The collection is composed by exercises of constructing and deconstructing but also by the subtle behavior of materials, its finishings and details.
The body – the whole or partially – becomes the main stimulus for sketching and shape research.
Once again, the duality’s universe is powered by the intentional opposition of the following concepts:
Interior – exterior
Right side – wrong side
Part – whole
Assemble – disassemble
To do – to undo
To subtract – to add – Alexandra Moura 

Anyway , let us get started with some of my absolute favourites of the latest collection .

1. JUST look at that raw edge *bites lips in awe*

2. The split

3. Hole me in your arms

4. Hooded fame

5. Jeaned up

I absolutely love this collection and I hope that you have gained some inspiration !

Thank you for reading 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S  Happy Bank holiday Britons ! What are you doing today ? (I’m revising )

Jamie Wei Huang AW15 : NYMPHOMANIAC

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“Jamie Wei Huang is a contemporary womenswear label which combines conceptual ideas with modern silhouette.” – london fashion week 

I absolutely love Jamie Wei Huang’s Autumn /Winter collection, each piece provokes a new emotion and her combination of fabrics is behold beautiful. I am also in love with the concept and theme that runs through the collection ;I would probably mess it up if I tried to explain so here is an extract from her website :

“Based on Jamie Wei Huang’s strong beliefs on seeking inner-self through design, her Autumn/Winter 15 collection tells a story about a young woman and her libidinous life inspired by film – Nymphomaniac.

The collection sets aside society’s expectations of women, and emphasizes their buried desires and fantasies with elegance and subtlety. ‘Nymphomaniac’ uses metaphors, to unravel the struggles the main character experienced while contradicting society’s viewpoints on love, sex and pain.Eventually coming to peace with her subconscious and embracing her true being.” –Jamie Wei Huang AW15

If you are not buzzing with excitement and curiosity now you will after you view the amazing collection.

I hope that you love the collection as much as I do 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Which piece do you love the most ?

London street style

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The most fascinating thin to me in fashion is how people style their clothes each and every day and also the history behind it. The former is what we are gong to explore today.  London. A city that is close in my heart (as I live there) and also due to the fact that it is a huge fashion capital with people who fill me with joy with their outfits.

I love street style so much that I have dedicated an entire board on pinterest to it :

My current favourites include:

I absolutely love street style ! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S What are your opinions on street style ?

Jena.Theo AW15

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“Jena.Theo was founded by Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis. Jenny had been a buyer for an international retailer, and Dimitris worked as a freelance designer. They met at the London College of Fashion in 2002, and were instantly drawn to work together.The combination of their strong creative backgrounds and contrasting heritages, British and Greek, is a limitless source of inspiration. Their love for street style, and abstract approach to pattern cutting creates beautiful collections which combine Dimitris’ talent for intricate detail with Jenny’s gift for volume and bold lines. Each collection is formed of striking new silhouettes that challenge traditional conventions of design” – Jena.Theo

Jena.Theo is one of my favourite brands ever as their designs are just truly beautiful every season. If you haven’t seen then check out my other London Fashion week blog posts : AW13 SS14. Let’s reveal the wonder that is Jena.Theo AW15:








Thank you for reading! 🙂

LaFortune xx

Bora Aksu AW15

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“London based Turkish designer Bora Aksu received his first acclaim when he graduated from Central St Martin’s MA in 2002. Hailed as ‘the star of the show’ by The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent, Bora’s collection also attracted the eye of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna who purchased pieces to use as inspiration.”-  London Fashion Week

Ahh Bora Aksu . If you haven’t been following this designer then you have been missing out. Every single season I ave been amazed and transported to his creative universe . His AW15 collection sees a Gothic turn ; airy fairy pinks and floral ; tassels plus cut-outs and most beautiful-est coat ever. Check it out :






I hope that you have a Fantabulous day ! 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Do you like the fun edits I did on the Runway photographs ?

Eudon Choi AW15

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London Fashion week is finally upon us after a week of gawking at pictures upon pictures from New York Fashion Week. I am so exited as the AW15 shows are here as Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons for Fashion. The bold structures and thick jumpers layered underneath the spectacle which is a jacket/coat . Eudon Choi had their show today, and what a show it was. Darker toned clothing ; 70’s flared trousers ; cool yellow-gold and pink-burgundy metallics. The oriental flare ; beautiful jackets with geometric shapes and grey toned patch pockets completed the strong masculine structures . Eudon Choi did an amazing job . Take a look:

I really cannot wait for day 2 !

LaForune xx

Photograph source : Vogue