A Gift never Received 

Inspired by Machuca and the false hope that the socialist regime gave the people.
His thoughts ran far away from the conquest that loomed over him

Far away from the oppression that stared him right in the face

It was foreknown that he could not change his position in this world nor change the way that people thought about his kind

But somewhere deep inside, he had hope

He hoped for a better tomorrow

He hoped that one day he could stand a chance in this big wide world,

That would be the only gift that he would ever receive in this life, Continue reading “A Gift never Received “


I’ve tried my best.
I’ve done everything that I can for you
but you still don’t see me.
Why is that,

I’m I not good enough
An alien for you to gawk at
A prisoner of your deadly stare

Is it okay for me to be locked up in your venomous smile?
Release me from the hole that is unrequited love
So you can make it clear to me.

Don’t avoid me.

Don’t avoid this…
Unravel my dreams

Welcome to my story

.We are all the main characters of our own story.

Sometimes it is easy to feel as if you are just playing a supportive role in life. You feel as if the people around you live a more exciting life – they are always in the spotlight while you hide in the shadows. You hide in the shadows of your friends. You hide in the shadows of your family.

To you , you do not matter, but to someone else you are a precious pearl- their main character. You probably haven’t met this person yet. If that is the case then you should start living for yourself. All main characters in fairy tales could not have possibly existed without their supporting characters. Would there have been a Little red ridding hood without an evil wolf- I think not. The evil wolf had a purpose and so do we all.

Each of us have a purpose in life and it is up to us to find and alter it.

Welcome to my story.

Where I make up the plot.

Where I decide who my supporting leads are.

Where I begin to live.

LaFortune xx

What is your story?

Poetry Thursday: Black Flowers


Black Flowers

He said – long ago – that
myth was dead. He meant it.

“Myth is dead!”
“Long live myth!”

They are playing out
something. Legendary.

Picks up her glass. She
has a glass, with coffee,

ice and milk in it. Thinks
about the refugees on the

road. Road to what, to
where? With nothing but

their clothes on their backs.
Mythic and literal.

How to speak about them
and why? How to speak

to them. To keep them
in mind. In our minds.

“Bless you and keep you,”
so the prayer says.

-Norma Cole

Why music captivates:‏

There is something magical about the way music can influence one’s mood,emotions and thoughts.

Whilst listening to one’s favourite tune your heart beat can drop instantly. Music can be a drug to calm us but also a fiery substance that could negatively influence us.

I’m a massive introvert and with that comes my reliance on music to help me get through very awkward social interactions. You could say that music is my escape from reality. An escape into someone else’s imagination.

I feel as if someone is prompting me to understand their words when I put my earphones in. A world where upon I create the scenery.

Where the tree leaves are purple and the streets are gold. Where laughter is heard regularly. My world.

Music captivates me in ways that never seizes to make me smile. In ways that I am grateful for.

Let’s all take inspiration from this unlikely source!

LaFortune  xx

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DIY Pen/Pencil pots

Salut mes amis !

Today for Inspirational Wednesday , I thought that I would share with you an easy DIY for back to school /  office organisation . I absolutely love creating things especially practical ones like this pen/pencil pot ! Shall we begin :


What you will need :

1 or 2 tin cans that you have recently used (it’s all about the recycling !)

Fabric scissors (You could use normal scissors if Fabric ones aren’t around)

Scrape pieces of fabric

Fabric glue  / hobby glue (The one I use was £1 from Tiger )

Measuring tape/ruler


Paint pot

Pen/fabric marker


To make the Pen/pencil pot is pretty simple …

1.Wrap the scrap pieces of fabric around the tin can and measure out how long the width and height of the fabric should be

Tip : Cut the fabric so the the length is greater than the can so that there is some fabric left to cover the top for a clean finish

2. Cut out the desired size with scissors

3. Carefully smoulder the Hobby glue on half of the tin can

4. Secure the fabric that you have cut out around the can .

Tip : Try to place it as close to the edges as possible 

5. Now place he Hobby glue on the other half of the tin can and secure the fabric to it

6. Finally glue the top edge down for a clean finish !

IMG_3237[1]  IMG_3235[1]

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have fun making this easy DIY project 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Are you looking forward to going back to school?