Lockdown Pondering:Losing yourself in the midst of the unknown

In the past 3 weeks of returning home from a very abrupt ending of my second semester at university – I have realised how much the existence of a routine affects my perspective on life, my motivation, and my self-esteem.

I am no longer the girl who spends 10 hours in the library to achieve her first-class degree. I am no longer the hard-working student set on achieving the goals that I have set out for myself. I have become a complacent child whose innocence has returned. All notion of hard work has left me even though the academic year is yet to end. I feel as if I have been sucked into this portal where nothing I do really matters. The sun rises and it falls. And I just exist. Nothing more, nothing less. I just exist.

compass on hand
Photo by Bakr Magrabi on Pexels.com

It only took 2 weeks of ‘semi-forced’ isolation to lose my passion for my work, passion for my creativity. Instead, I have curled up in my privilege, binge-watching ‘How to get away with murder’, making scones and pretending to know anything about music by switching the radio to classic FM.

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Film Essay: Happy Feet

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers

Happy feet is one of those films that is cemented in the way I view my childhood. I can remember vividly our family outing to Cineworld, the excitement rising inside of me as we entered Cineworld. The delicious smell of popcorn tantalising my 6 -year-old self, leading me, unfortunately for my parents, to beg and scream for food. I remember sitting comfortably in the chair- legs dangling in the air with a snack box in hand- waiting joyfully for the movie to start. From the opening heart song sequence with Memphis and Norma I was sold, and Happy Feet became my new obsession. As a 6-year-old I was obsessed with Happy Feet and as now a 19-year-old I appreciate it even more. Maybe it could seem a little bit embarrassing that on my 19th year on this Earth I still drop tears at an animated movie targeted at toddlers but there are so many hidden gems and themes in Happy feet that make it one of my favourite movies of all times. I am proud to say that I have watched the film twice this year already and will probably be watching it more in the future. Continue reading “Film Essay: Happy Feet”

Welcome to my story

.We are all the main characters of our own story.

Sometimes it is easy to feel as if you are just playing a supportive role in life. You feel as if the people around you live a more exciting life – they are always in the spotlight while you hide in the shadows. You hide in the shadows of your friends. You hide in the shadows of your family.

To you , you do not matter, but to someone else you are a precious pearl- their main character. You probably haven’t met this person yet. If that is the case then you should start living for yourself. All main characters in fairy tales could not have possibly existed without their supporting characters. Would there have been a Little red ridding hood without an evil wolf- I think not. The evil wolf had a purpose and so do we all.

Each of us have a purpose in life and it is up to us to find and alter it.

Welcome to my story.

Where I make up the plot.

Where I decide who my supporting leads are.

Where I begin to live.

LaFortune xx

What is your story?

Album of the Week #1

Salut mes amis!

It has been a very long time since I have talked to you – It almost feels like a millennium . However, I am here now and  am here to stay. It is so funny how we all make plans but never prioritise what actually matters to us ; what will move us to a better level. Well, today I choose you. Today I am going to let all my emotions out in words . Just as songs do . The sweet, sweet melodies that spring to life by writers can stimulate growth : Expressing your emotions; harbouring a new perspective on life and relaxing your stressed out self .

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YouTube Videos you NEED to watch .

Salut mes amis !

Youtube videos are apart of our everyday life, as we can find any thing on there now; from entertainment to advice .Today I am going to talk about some of the you tube videos that I couldn’t live without .

1. Teen Makeup Basics (Drugstore)

As a teen who is just starting in makeup I love this video . It’s perfectly structured and it was such a help in choosing those first makeup products

2. Face mapping: What is your acne telling you?

Acne. We all hate that thing , however there are reasons why we have acne in certain places .

3. My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

MIsh !!! The Queen of youtube.  I love this video as it makes me laugh every time I watch it. Can someone say : Cuteness overload .

4. NAKED PALETTE 1, 2 & 3 DUPES? ♡ NEW Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes Review, Swatches & Comparison!

The Naked palette is something that all aspiring beauty gurus must get their hands on but here are some dupes for all 3 naked palettes .

Thank you for reading 🙂

Are there any videos that I missed ? (COMMENT THEM BELLOW )

LaFortune xx

.Cause you know I’m all about the birds.

Salut mes amie! As I have been browsing through the internet I came across a few items that are a definite on my wish list so I decided to create n outfit with them!
Here it is:

White Half Sleeve Birds Print Loose Dress £9.94 (Sheinside) – I am absolutely in love with this Shift dress  , it was like it was made for me and is it just me but the price is incredibly low !! #bonus

Black Contrast Split Side Chelsea Shoe 


Boots £24.99 (New Look)- Let’s just take a 

moment and appreciate the designers of these shoes.

(In love)

Black Faux Fur Front Bowler Bag £24.99 (New Look)- Sometimes a girl needs something small and a staple in her bag collection. I’m I right , Ladies?

Nude Essie nail polish (my recommendation : tea & crumpets)- Wearing peach and beige nail polishes is a favourite of mine , I always feel chic and ele-gant wearing them.

That is all, Folks

Lafortune xx

P.S Which online store as got you mesmerised?

Kill me now!

My heart shrank still,the world is deciding . Kill me now. Don’t touch me you freak, we’re all in this together you say.’ The scarlet stain on his hand drops down my face as he strokes me. I smile even though I feel so uncomfortable, but I always do’. Why don’t you just listen to me we are not the same but very different . You stole my heart once but never again,not today…

That was just a short extract from what I am currently writing – PLEASE tell me what you think about it 🙂 !!

Miss La fortune xx