My name is Lola Sodipo (some call me LaFortune ,long story,) and I am 19 .

Why am I blogging?:

I started blogging in 2012 ,believe it or not ,when I felt like expressing my self in a different form. Trust me ,my first blog “LaFortune “(no longer active) was filled with cringe worthy posts but I accept that they were apart of my journey to learn who I am and  where I want to be. I then came across the Fashion and beauty community . Ahhh , the emotions still rush back as I think about it . I was absolutely stunned and fascinated with the new reality that I came across. Therefore I made this blog to collect all the inspiration that I personally needed. Inspire par la mode started , and still is,  my own scrapbook of hope and an insight into the influential world of Fashion which I love .

As you might already have guessed, this blog is directed to the fashionistas and beautistas (If they are words). However , I do love to write about world problems and things that I believe that you need to know about.

My goals:

I have been blogging for so long and sometimes I do find it hard to be motivated when I see my blogging peers succeed while I am still stagnant . However I have a feeling that this is my year, our year to grow and to inspire as many people as we can ! If we all put in A* effort into what we do I think that we can conquer the world!


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