Tommy Hilfiger Resort collection 2017

Tommy Hilfiger, a multinational high end fashion brand which is highly respected for its wearable designs and beautiful prints. Founded around 31 years ago in 1985 in New York by Tommy Hilfiger himself. It’s no surprise that the latest collection is already a success after recently being launched.

I absolutely love the prints used to create a luxurious casual look with a mix of textures such as lace in some looks which fascinates me the most. The collection almost looks like a mixture of sports luxe to flirty country and to even boss lady style. As you’ve already guessed the usual use of the Tommy Hilfiger logo colours still remain as a trademark look in some of the outfits.

Overall, I can’t wait to see how people play with this collection net year.Judge for yourself bellow:


-British Vogue


Which outfit is your favourite?

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