Spring’s rain: 5 Outfits You should Try this Spring

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Salut mes amis !

Whilst binge watching thousands of dramas this half term holiday I had an epiphany. The kind that stops you from doing anything and makes you think. I still can’t understand why or what it meant but all I wanted to do was to create . I do not think that I am making any sense right now but I also think that that’s okay too.


Spring is a time where we have forgotten the torturing cold whilst looking towards our sunny futures. It is a kind of midway point that I sometimes forget to enjoy or to embrace .


If you have already noticed I am not talking about Spring , as in the season, but the present. Most of the time we end up worrying about the future and regretting the past instead of Springing into the present so that our sunny futures can come true .


That’s enough of the philosophical thought , don’t you think ? Around the article there are 5 different Spring related outfits based on the different emotions that I felt during my Epiphany moment .


The collection is based on the idea that : When your mind says O but your heart says X , which do you choose? (Quoted from She was Pretty [Korean Drama] )


Enjoy your Spring so that you can enjoy your sunny futures !

LaFortune xx

PS Which outfit is your favourite ?


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