How to grow your relationship with God?

Salut mes amis !

As teenagers we find many excuses for not fellowshipping with God: “Oh I’ll just do it tomorrow “,”I’ve already prayed with my family “or even “I’m too busy”. Well there are easy steps to building and sustaining a relationship with God which in return will improve your relationship with others because all relationships start and end with God. As recently learned “Water alone cannot move a ship” and with a ship as big as bonding with your creator we need to know how to successfully move it into the right direction. Don’t we?

  1. Get the right foundation : Salvation

The first step is to move the ship into water; now in this case the water is Salvation. Without salvation we can do nothing. It is the beginning of moving forward in the right direction let’s call it the foundation of building a firm relationship with God.


  1. Adjust your sails : Attitude

Secondly, we have to adjust our sails to the wind, by sails I mean our attitude. Most relationships break down because of attitude and your relationship with God is no different. You need to be willing to move the relationship forward for it to work, now that leads us to the final step.

  1. Don’t just sit there do something

No more feeling guilty that you are not moving into the right direction: Paddle. Obviously I don’t actually mean you should paddle. However there are small things you can do each day to better yourself in Christ.

  • Pray more often
  • Give up that precious time of yours
  • Read the word (The bible)

All these things above may seem daunting but you can start by reading one verse a day or setting a time limit a week to read your bible/be in the presence of God. There are also many apps that can give you daily devotionals to help you reach your destination (the arms of God)


Remember failing to reach your goal one day does not mean that you should give up! Human nature wants to rebel against what is good, the longer you’re in the creators presence the more you can fight the flesh.

LaFortune xx

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