Madrid haul

Salut mes amis !

A few weeks ago I was blessed with a family trip to Madrid,Spain where I bought many things and I thought that it was only reasonable to share just some of my purchases as I love them so much each and every day ! Enjoy :


Pull & bear

9v8vdYjzShS04FMBqdBBmrtbGSNJBMJ3kduNf8LA26I,e2ylwCsKe6d_PAjVaV-fOIWefVtlnQvoKn41XNEAlWo JJ357A6bZqB_hhT2Ye51ug9eCJB2tpA9Ef2wY7fgTSk,CWAboCwucd6eTI0qATJHWdMsZgbZ1GVuYyiB_cezTSs

Tino Gonzalez Zapaterias black bag

I Heart Eye Shadow Palette I Heart Passion

d5v6k8V-geL-EXv2S6R7r45WbMfYzhS1KNxHNLqNt_0,XPJoVEiuIYL6JsGpXUscLDV8hG7jOluJpCk7P7zgPRk Zt1AYsECtnS3C0YvQ7A8otzXSID1JSlSFQS6Xj795uA,ep7LKAKtb6lz3Bbj31y0lG5h7H7qHCcHysQ8B0Bt_QY

Thank you for reading 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S What have you recently purchased ?

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