Christopher Esber SS15

Salut mes amis  !

I was scrolling through my Instagram yesterday and after a mass number of minutes of scrolling and tabs after tabs I came across Christopher Esber’s page . When I say that I was mesmerised , I truly was ! Photo after photo I was astonished at how much emotion I could feel from just seeing some items from the clothing brand . And so forth I researched more about the company and I  have grown to love them already ! This Australian brand has  really got me supporting their minimal sports accent in their collection .

“I design for a woman who loves fashion but she is not willing to surrender herself to it,” says Esber. “Coming from Australia there is a sense of ease and the undone about what I do. Even if something is more conceptual, there is always a feel of release to it.”

*Sigh* What a quote , right ? Anyway , here is a sample of Christopher Esber’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection:

I hope that you love the brand as much as I do 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Are there any other brands that I should know of ?

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