Positivity : How to be

Salut mes amis !

On Saturday I did absolutely nothing . Nothing at all but retuned my self into a more positive mindset . I spent the day watching an amine named <> which reminded me of the power of Music which is one of my favourite things . I kind of forgot that something so simple such as music can do to you, can make you feel; I felt so revived after Saturday that I sat down and just cried . I cried because something that made me happy re-entered my life , I began to think positively by enjoying things that I have missed . Saturday was a good day. Okay Okay I am not going to go all spiritual on you however I want to share some tips on how to stay positive in any situation .

1.Plan for success

When you are stressed it is usually because you apprehend failure or a situation turning an unplanned route. I have found that what helps is to plan for your success because if you believe that you are going to succeed and plan for it the chances are you will .

2. Do something that you love !

Making time for doing what you love instead of drilling yourself is another way of increasing optimism . Eg . Listening to your favourite song , crafting/knitting

3. Smile

Smiling is known to be contagious as it puts you into the right mindset for the day

4. Adopt a growth mindset

Finding a new way to see a bad situation is a great way to say goodbye to those negative thoughts .

5. Purge negativity 

Only keep people who are around you that can contribute positively to your life as they might bring you down with them .

Thank you for reading and I hope that your life has become just that bit more positive :).

LaFortune xx

P.S The world is oh so colourful – enjoy it !

Song of the week : <<Music is Freedom>>

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