Alexandra Moura Spring 2015

Salut mes amis !

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post , actually it has only been a week . Today is going to be a showcase of a brand that I discovered  just last week and I was absolutely in awe of each and every collection.  I feel as if I am late to  this movement of adoring Alexandra Moura but as they they say ” It is never too late “. Now my dreams consist of visiting their store in Portugal in the summer however I seem to be a country off as I will be heading to Spain, Madrid to be precise .  This is a snippet of the muse that inspired the collection


“And suddenly life turns inside out…and I find that the wrong side is the right side”

The collection is composed by exercises of constructing and deconstructing but also by the subtle behavior of materials, its finishings and details.
The body – the whole or partially – becomes the main stimulus for sketching and shape research.
Once again, the duality’s universe is powered by the intentional opposition of the following concepts:
Interior – exterior
Right side – wrong side
Part – whole
Assemble – disassemble
To do – to undo
To subtract – to add – Alexandra Moura 

Anyway , let us get started with some of my absolute favourites of the latest collection .

1. JUST look at that raw edge *bites lips in awe*

2. The split

3. Hole me in your arms

4. Hooded fame

5. Jeaned up

I absolutely love this collection and I hope that you have gained some inspiration !

Thank you for reading 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S  Happy Bank holiday Britons ! What are you doing today ? (I’m revising )

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