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Salut mes amis !

I was going through my emails this morning and I saw an email simply titled “Press”. Obviously , like any other human I was curious , no I was intrigued about the contents of that email. So I opened it to find what could be one of the best ideas that I have heard for a really long time . By now you would have guessed that what I am going  to tell you is about Project selfie . What is it you ask, well as usual you know that I am not that good at describing so here is an extract from Project selfies press release :

“Celebrating the selfie with – what else? – a selfie series .Lambert begins video series that offers objective view of trend

Philadelphia, Penn. – Depending on a variety of self-identifiers, you might consider selfies – self-taken photographs that are typically shared on social media – narcissistic, empowering, innocent fun, a right of passage or the decline of civilization.  Jessica Lauren L. Lambert, creative director of the Anatomy of the Selfie (#anatomyoftheselfie) project, is moving the selfie beyond the rhetoric and using it to place appearance in a larger cultural context.

And just what does all that mean? Aren’t we just talking about people obsessed with themselves and unwarranted attention?

“Every human being, at some point in his or her life, becomes self-aware and self-obsessed,” says Lambert. “It’s a natural part of multiple developmental stages and it’s not new. What’s new is the vehicle of expression – in this case, the selfie, and in my case specifically, collections of selfies on Instagram.”

Lambert has created a collection of 15-second time lapsed selfies that are set to current music and then shared on Instagram. This original collection features Lambert in her Victory Condominium Building apartment in Philadelphia. She says her project is less about making a statement – something selfies are often used to do – and more of a not-too-serious commentary on popular culture.

“The project is meant to be humorous,” she says. “It’s not a strong stance for or against anything. It’s a reflection of a slice of time in our shared history.”

Setting off for Los Angeles soon, Lambert has plans to start a travel series that will include selfie collections taken in hotels, restaurants and at landmarks around the globe.”

I’m sorry that it wasn’t really an “extract” but I thought that you needed too read the whole thing to understand the true beauty of what she is doing . Here are a few that she has already done :

I hope that you support what she is doing . Thank you for reading 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Comment what you think about what she is doing !

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