1970 Prom Makeup inspiration

Salut mes amis !

As we all know it is prom season in the UK and I have to be honest , I  am absolutely obsessed with the idea of prom. Not in the creepy stalker way. I think that it is the anticipation and curiosity of what I am going wear and how I am going to look like on my own prom. My sister’s second prom is on Friday and that has gotten me in the mood to research some makeup looks for it , however this is not  going to be another blog post on prom makeup . No , no. I am going to stick to the theme of the last post : 1970’s !

1. The natural glow

This is one of the  more alternative looks that most posts that I have seen don’t mention, but I believe that the natural glow can actually work. My sister said something to me  after she asked me to do her makeup on Friday:  ” I want t look like me”. That’s exactly how some girls want to look on their prom night and I know that some feel pressured to go for the more extravagant looks which will be mentioned further below ; I think for  an event such as Prom you should wear as much makeup as you like or as little.

2. The disco blue/ green tint.

It’s exactly what it sounds like .Disco diva’s here is one for you ! If you like colour ,then why not try a very 70’s hint of blue or green ?

3. The fan lash

One thing : Big lashes !

4.  The smoky eye.

From dark to light , glittery to glossy . The Smoky eye is a classic and has been for years , it is great for a prom night .

I hope that you received some prom makeup inspiration!  🙂

For more looks check out my Pinterest :

LaFortune xx

P.S What is something that you are looking forward to in the near future ?

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3 thoughts on “1970 Prom Makeup inspiration

    1. I feel the same way ;in my opinion good lashes are the must for any look . Check out your blog and I can not wait for more content . I love it already 🙂

      Thank you for commenting
      LaFortune xx


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