Inspiration log : Working hard = success

Salut mes amis !

”  Working hard is very important. You’re not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard.”  – George Lucas

“Working hard is great, being lazy sometimes is great, but failed potential is the worst.” –  Campbell Scott

“I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” – Margaret Mead

Let’s start by defining what working hard is : Always putting a lot of effort and care into something (Cambridge dictionary ) . I have talked about the working hard topic before however it has really dawned upon me how important it is recently . I have my Mocks coming up in a few weeks and I have found it hard to just sit down , ignore the distractions and revise. I am a procrastinator, simply a procrastinator and I have always known this. But I have never discovered how to deal with it. Last Thursday and Friday was a massive turn around, do you want the story ?

My church set up an intensive GCSE revision session and I really did not want to go due to the word ‘intensive’ and I normally stay away from anything ‘intensive’ . Despite of this I went and I actually surprised myself and did not in the terms : procrastinate . We can all conclude that working hard will always equal success , no matter the circumstance . Working hard is different to each individual , to me working hard is setting my mind on something and not letting anything stop me from reaching that goal. I just wnt to encourage you to keep working hard as you will see the results that you are hoping for . Would it be weird if I quoted myself ? No okay. Someone wise once said

” If we all put in A* effort into what we do I think that we can conquer the world! .We all just need inspiration from an unlikely source .”  – Lola LaFortune

I hope that you have been inspired 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S What is something you are working hard for ?

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Inspiré par la mode is an online magazine founded by Lola Sodipo also known as Lola Lafortune . "We all need inspiration from an unlikely source"

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