Spring Nails 2015

Salut mes amis !

If you know me then you will know that nails are something I obsess about. How healthy they are, how strong they are, how long they are ! I absolutely love nails for the same fact on why I love clothes: It is our canvas . The only canvas big enough to reflect our emotions and goals. This spring, for nails, has been amazing , scrolling through my Instagram I mostly see endless photographs on beautiful nail designs welcoming the new season. The endless trend cycle has turned again. Let us rummage through them to find some #nailspiration !

1. The negative space nail

This trend is soo (yes two O’s) me. The simplicity and edge of The Negative space trend makes it so irresistible. There are different ways to go about The negative space trends here are 26 Ways to Rock Negative Space Nails .

2. The Cherry Blossom (any spring flower really) design

We can all agree that Cherry Blossoms are absolutely beautiful . When ever I look at a cherry Blossom Tree I feel so renewed . So why not have the beautiful design on your nails this Spring?

3. The Nude nail

Back to my catchphrase : I absolutely love nude nails the same way everyone loves nude lips. They are your nails but BETTER .

4. The Easter Bunny nail

Easter is almost around the corner and I have seen a boat load of nail designs dedicated to the festival. Bunny after bunny and egg after egg.

For more Spring Nail Trends visit my Pinterest :

Thank you for reading ! I hope that you gained some #nailspiration 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S Let’s join in with my nail obsession and use the hash tag #nailspiration .

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