Jena.Theo AW15

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“Jena.Theo was founded by Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis. Jenny had been a buyer for an international retailer, and Dimitris worked as a freelance designer. They met at the London College of Fashion in 2002, and were instantly drawn to work together.The combination of their strong creative backgrounds and contrasting heritages, British and Greek, is a limitless source of inspiration. Their love for street style, and abstract approach to pattern cutting creates beautiful collections which combine Dimitris’ talent for intricate detail with Jenny’s gift for volume and bold lines. Each collection is formed of striking new silhouettes that challenge traditional conventions of design” – Jena.Theo

Jena.Theo is one of my favourite brands ever as their designs are just truly beautiful every season. If you haven’t seen then check out my other London Fashion week blog posts : AW13 SS14. Let’s reveal the wonder that is Jena.Theo AW15:








Thank you for reading! 🙂

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