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Ahh It is finally half term holidays. One week of relaxation or what I call it revision time. Despite that ,I have been binge watching documentaries and listening to music all day long . This is just a few examples f my unhealthy procrastinating ways. Today I bring to you a range of Japanese illustrators whose work give inspiration and also open up varieties of perspectives .

We’ll off with the very talented Masaki Ryo

“His ability to capture the endearing and playful nature of our canine companions has caught many an eye and has earned the recognition of various clients including the renowned stationary company Caspari, Inc. They have released a line of products featuring Masaki’s illustrations, including but not limited to his artwork of dogs, which have been very popular in the US, Europe, and Japan.”- Biography 

2014Spring-rtw-Oscar de la Renta



Masaki Mizuno

” Masaki’s work involves the expression of the inner psychology; a self reflection mirrored through art. In order to express the vision and subject matter of my work, he find that it is important to extract ideas from within my own perspective and senses. His work is analogue, hand painted with acrylic , air-brush and rollers.”- fashionary

Personally, I am in love with every piece of his and it is clear how much emotion and thought was put into them.

Isao Yajima

Isao Yajima

Isao Yajima

Isao Yajima- Figure drawing for fashion, 1986

Yuki Kitazumi

“Whenever you’re in a group of people discussing where you want to go next in the world, Japan is always the place people have at their top spot. I’m with them, and this work by Yuki Kitazumi pretty much encapsulates the magic that’s so enticing – cloud-thick blossom swirling over gangs of uniformed schoolchildren, tiny birds tweeting above the heads of a delicate garden party, gaggles of windswept tourists crossing over grey waters on enormous bridges. Yuki Kitazumi’s washed-out collages and pastel water-colour images depict just that – adding in some truly moving illustrations of caring for the elderly and women in the process of getting dressed. If only all illustration was as palpable as this.”- it’s nice that



Artist Yuki Kitazumi

Hope you enjoyed and support all the great Illustrators. 🙂

LaFortune xx

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