My skin problems.

Salut mes amis !

In the last year I have accumulated a lot of scars all over my arms , back and acne scars. It has actually been my worst nightmare as I have started to be more insecure about wearing short sleeved tops and dresses . Since November I have started to treat these scars and right now I’m still looking for that holy grail product that I can share with you . Today , I bring 3 products that I have been using regularly and I have surprisingly seen some results.

Let us start with the obvious : Bio Oil

Bio-Oil home

I’ve heard good things upon good thing about Bio Oil that I had to try it. Okay I have to admit it , I started using it with the attitude that it was not going to work. I was shortly corrected ; when used twice a day everyday I’ve seen a HUGE difference to the appearance of my skin

A little less obvious : Sun Cream

Sun cream is something that most people neglect ,especially in the UK. However I have discovered that the more you protect your skin from harmful sun rays (even if you cannot see them) the more your skin will thank you later on.

The pocket pincher : Regima Scar repair + Anti-Stretch Complex

This product has been perfect. I purchased it around the same time as the Bio Oil and I never really used it until recently. It feels very waxy on the skin nevertheless I can see the slight difference that it is making on my skin. I was very reluctant about it because of the price but it has proved to be very useful in getting my skin regenerated .

Thank you for reading 🙂 .

LaFortune xx

P.S What products have surprised you lately ?

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