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Salut mes amis ! It as been a while.Today I want to share with you some of my favourite You tubers that  I believe should have more subscribers.

Tar Mar

Let’s sTar Martart off with one of my favourite Irish Youtubers. Tara. I think that it is more her personality and her insane style that gives me insane joy when ever I watch her videos and read her blog. She is currently in her final year at university studying fashion design and textiles (Correct me if I am wrong) and is recording and sharing her Journey with her subscribers ,which I love.  I would recommend checking out all her lookbooks because they are Fab .


Now April has been one of my favourites since I created a Youtube account. Her Channel is filled with amazing Thrift store coolirpatransformations and easy DIY’s. Her channel is for those who love sewing , which I definitely do. She is absolutely talented and I think that you should check her channel out.


AprilovesAnother April on the list. You just might know her beautiful sister who shares the same passion for beauty, fashion and vlogging (Bubzbeauty).  I love April’s intimate videos and hauls.


ElectraLovesLast but not least , it is Electra ! All her videos are very detailed and informative. I remember first seeing her on Disney Channel doing fashion styling short videos . Her knowledge on styling is amazeballs and her make-up artist mum who makes appearances on her channel are just some reasons why her enjoy watching her videos .

That is all for today, I hope you check out all the beautiful girl and their channels. 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S What are some Youtube channels cannot stop watching ?

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