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Salut mes amis! Today I am going to share something very close to my heart. As I sit here writing, Twenty one pilots in one ear and a film in the other , I can’t but glow in happiness. Happiness about the two-week vacation, happiness as I realize how blessed I truly am. Ha I’m getting soppy again. This post is going to be about something that truly makes me “Happy”. Illustrations. They give me the churning feeling in the centre of  my stomach. They enhance my knowledge and give me other perspectives of emotions, emotions that were poured into every line;every curve. So let’s get started:

Victoria Ball

“Having spent time illustrating in-house in London and Bath, she now works from her Gloucestershire based studio.
Victoria has produced artwork for a broad range of clients and markets both in the UK and Internationally. She continues to enjoy illustrating for children’s books, magazines, merchandising, advertising and packaging.
Her mixed media style is achieved by digitally combining, through the use of Adobe Photoshop, hand drawn and painted elements with photography and sourced pattern” – Illustration Web

Fifi Lapin

“The Martin Margiela in fashion illustration field. Her personal profile is not well-known. But she really gets a unique type of drawing style and character. The most stylish rabbit in the world” – Fashionary Blog

Petra Dufkova

” Petra has been educated in graphic design, painting and fashion design. She unites all of these areas in her work with a concentration on fashion illustration.

With loose and free marks but also the very precise line of her paintbrush and a dash of dirt, she manages to put her own dimension of lightness and presence into her work no matter how technical the theme, always injecting emotion along the way” – Illustration Web

Petra Dufkova illustrator - painting illustration

Hope you enjoyed and support all the great Illustrators. 🙂

LaFortune xx

P.S What is something that truly makes you “Happy” ?

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