Looking back: 1920

Salut mes amis!! The 1920’s. Now where do I start . I sit here on a Thursday night watching house of DVF and revisiting the memories of when I first fell in love with 20’s fashion style and and the motion and thoughts of the strong and independent woman of that era. My love started about 3 years ago when our school had a creative day , which I wish was everyday, and a designer came in and gave my group a challenge to create an outfit using plastic bags from a certain decade . Surprise, Surprise my group were given the 20’s. Through the research we acquired, photograph upon photograph of beautiful images of women in the 1920’s. Swimming suits, the iconic flapper dress and dropped waist which soon turned into no wait line. Ahhh 20’s you do this to me all the time. Here are some pictures to convince you about my love:

November 1920

LaFortune xx

P.S What era do you awe at in terms of Fashion or otherwise?

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