Week Dairy :1.Finding who I am, What I want to be .

Week One:

Salut mes amis! What Have I been doing the past few weeks? You ask. Figuring out life! Lately questions such as “What I’m I going to be in the future and why?” Kept on popping up. Yes, yes, I am only 14 going on 15 and it is not that necessary for me to know that right now. However I still at least want to have a vague idea instead of wandering blind into the unknown.

This week I invested my time into researching , gettinWP_20141120_005[1]g books and figuring out what are my interest, not just interest like Fashion history or watching ballet but deep interest that will carry me through my life. While on the internet I stumbled upon something that a few months back my sister showed me;Textiles technology and what it actually is. Many people when I asked them that question they answered me with “What, Is that fixing sewing machines”, however what they don’t understand and what I didn’t understand is that it is what is shaping our future. With new endeavours in medical textile research and companies who are thinking about futuristic things that we can do with textiles.

This week opened my eyes to new possibilities about my future a

WP_20141120_003[1]nd I have learnt that it is actually okay if I am not 100% sure about what my future will hold. As long as I am enjoying life and also keeping up with my blog :) … everything is going to be okay.

LaFortune xx

P.S What did you learn this week?

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