Evening Routine.

Salut Mon amie,I been pondering on whether to do a evening routine or not but as you know already from the title I came to the conclusion that I am going to. In the evening after I have done all my homework and had some TV time and ready for bed ; I will go to my bathroom and use various products which are shown below:

  1. My cleansing , In the night I a choice of cleansing routines to choose from either use the Neutrogena daily wash and mask to cleanse my face and sometimes clean off my makeup or I end up using the high end Artistry essentials cleanser including the toner and moisturizer. Note in mind I do not use the toner everyday because my skin is pretty sensitive to almost things.
I used to use this cleanser before and swaped it for a clean and clear one , I have not seen any substantial difference in clearing my spots(oily and dry skin).
Cleanser (middle),Toner(Left),Moisturizer (Right)

2. After that I would use my super drug scar remover/skin nourishment( I am not going to lie I have forgotten the name). Anyway it really does help take away scaring and stretch marks away but you do have to use it frequently(twice a day rubbing it in) to make it work effectively.

3. To finish off  my night I always have to go to bed with my lips moisturized I would not be able to sleep without it. It is an essential to my night routine. 
I either use the trusty Petroleum Jelly or cocoa butter.

Thank you for reading , xx 😛

LaFortune xx

What is your favourite product to use in the night?

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