My obsession with Japan !!

 Bonjour mon amie !! In the last post I talked about my resolution to finally learn Japanese so I decided why not do a post about it. My Obsession for Japan started way before I realised it , I am that kind of Girl who would spend a whole day trying to finish a anime series , sorry I mean a whole month . If any one is wondering what or which are my favourite anime well it Sword art online which (thank God) it’s returning 🙂
Also I have always had a love for their culture and Food , no seriously who does not like Chicken Katsu or Ramen. I think I should just list all my favourite things about Japan to start with :

1. As I said I am i love with the culture and everything that as got to do with the special atmosphere of Asian cultures. Maybe it is just because i am so fascinated of the differences of the Japanese way of live with the British one(so so far from each other)I have also been interested in the geographical aspects of Japan , even though I have never been I have seen lots of beautiful and surreal pictures of the unique land and can not wait until I get an opportunity to visit.

2. The Fashion. Yes ,I am in love with Japanese fashion, in love. I have noticed through the years how Japan’s fashion scene just gets it right before any other country. If you don’t know about Japanese fashion I am just going to insert pictures here [    ]

Do you now see my obsession with their Fashion?!!

3. Next is ANIME, the beautiful art of a visual novel where imaginations become a reality. HAHA sorry that was a very exaggerated definition however I really do enjoy watching anime of different genre mostly Romance. This is because what teenage girl does not want to relive a anime girls romantic adventure with the annoying boy that goes to her school, tears are already running down my face as I think about the plot line. It kind of reminds me of Clannad .

4. Finally the language. If you don’t know one of my new years resolutions is to stop procrastinating and start learning Japanese . It as been a hard journey so far but I think that I am making some progress :). If you would like I could post my progress online ??

Hopefully you understand why I have an obsession with Japan. Have a great day , Sayonara !!!

LaFortune xx

What is something you are obsessed with ?

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