Who Inspiers YOU ?

Being Inspired .

Everyday I wonder what inspires me as an individual. Who inspires me , to follow my dreams , to not let me give up on succeeding.
Who.What. And how do they.

 Yes everyone in my life is very inspiring in different ways. For example my dad inspires me to work hard and always focus, my mum inspires me to be my self no matter what happens and to stop doubting my abilities, lastly my sister inspires me to not be afraid of saying things ( even if sometimes it gets you into trouble) you should stand up for what is right ; but nicely .
But I’m here to talk about not just the daily people in my life but people that I have heard of that Really Inspire Me.

Firstly I think that Cecilia Cassini inspires me a lot . She inspires me to follow my dreams at a young age , and that I don’t have to wait till I’m older to succeed in life.
Coco Chanel, 1920.jpg

Also, Coco Chanel REALLY inspires me. She took fashion to a next level in her era and brought casual style to fashion ( which I love). I love how she started off with a small business and now, way after  her death,her  legacy in the company and in this world still lives on!

Inspiration is important for us to inspire to be at another level, but to always strife to be an inspiration one day.

LaFortune xx

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Inspiré par la mode is an online magazine founded by Lola Sodipo also known as Lola Lafortune . "We all need inspiration from an unlikely source"

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