London Fashion Week AW13 Day 1

Can’t believe London fashion week as started!! I’m so excited,so more amazing clothes from the runway. Although I wish I was there ,I will not be attending in person but I just love live blogs and being able to watch it from my own laptop! Just from yesterday’s shows I have seen a lot of amazing collections with fun prints and textures for example Felder Felder.There collection was beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes of it – all the memorising colours. I found some pictures for anyone that missed it …. here they are:
 (Photo sources from Lost In Lipstick. Blogspot)

 I also really loved the Jena. Theo collection. Now those designers know what print is. They mixed colours and patterns and I think that there collection was flawless!!! Here are some amazing pictures of the collection from there website:

I Just can’t wait for day two’s events !!

Miss LaFortune xx

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