Little rain drops fall beneath my eyes . I blink endlessly- searching for light . Then I hear it , the loud deafening sound that pierces my ears . Suddenly my legs think for themselves . And I begin to run. Just run through the echoing trees . My heart can’t stop racing , my legs can’t stop moving . I’m out of control . The indigo sky above me draws my running to a close . I stop for breath and my eyes wander off seeing a little hay cottage .
My vision blurs . And the cottage seems to be moving . I stumble forward . I close my eyes breathing in the polluted air . My eyes open and my running resumes . Then I’m there , right infront of the little cottage door . Right there, something inside me whispers “Its only gonna get worse.” I shake my head trying to get the thought out of me . So I do it . I stretch out my hand and place it on the door handle . Turning the handle I chant to myself  “Don’t be scared .” The door slams open revealing a dark old dusty dilapidated room . As I enter the room a loud screeky sound fills my ears . I keep walking forward seeing a wooden table broken in half . In my head I imagine who lived here and how the table got broken, my mind goes off in to a wonderland and my eye lids shut .
Depression is running through my head, these thoughts make me think of death . A darkness which blanks my mind . Suddenly tears enter me eyes. My thoughts are interrupted by screeky foot steps . Opening my eyes I feel a slight touch on my left shoulder . Without warning I am grabbed- but don’t know by who . I fight for my freedom , moving side to side . Then I black out .
I try hard to open my eye lids up and succeed . A dark wide figure approaches me , the figure smiles revealing two sets of beige teeth . She shouts out ” The un-wanted one is awake.” I shiver noticing I’m tied up on a grey dusty chair . Without control I whisper “Un-wanted ?” The figure which appears to be a women glares at me .
“You don’t know ? , your soul is like an uncooked rat running round your kitchen .” She said walking more towards me . I almost threw up in my mouth as the stench of old socks reaches my nose .
“And where here to take it out of your hands” A voice from the east continued .
“Take it from me , ” I swallowed ” You’re going to kill me!” The  old women glares at me again but this time her glare gets through me like a sharp knife , it was like she was trying to see through me .

She moves backwards reaching for a large object on a large wooden table which I recall being broken. Moving closer to me she tells me “This won’t hurt” I scream and kick hoping she will stop coming towards me .

She stands right in front of me chanting some words, I close my eyes hoping for the worst . But all I feel is a tap. And I’m asleep.
I open my eyes and the view of an old big silhouette files my eyes. It is the old oak tree behind my school . I couldn’t believe , I was out of the cottage ,out from that old witches grasp. I was safe. Only a illusion .

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Inspiré par la mode is an online magazine founded by Lola Sodipo also known as Lola Lafortune . "We all need inspiration from an unlikely source"

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